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Transit Mixer Truck Series

6*4 EQ5252JBT Cement Mixer Truck


  EQ5252JBTCement Mixer Truck

  1. Cement mixer is constituted of type II chassis, drive train, hydraulic system, rack, agitator tank, input and output device, water supplying system, control system, ladder, etc. The front end of agitator tank is fixed in the foreground of rack and connected with the reduction gears, and the rear end through raceway is propped up by two tugs which are installed in the backstage of rack. The agitator tank remains running to ensure concrete are not solidified during the transportation period. After finished delivering, often use water to flush the inside of agitator tank to prevent hardened cement paste from occupying space and make the volume of the mixing drum is less and less.

  2. Employ dedicated turnover welding equipment, which will makes vehicle with light dead weight, in addition , guarantee it’s anti-torque, seismic resistance, anti- jolt, etc. capability, meet the demand of different pavement bearing.

  3. Agitating vane apply Europe most advanced technological design, fulfill three dimensional mixing, makes materials mixing more uniform, not easy to get centrifugal and lower residual quantity of materials. Deepen and broaden down spouting, there will no overflow during discharge process .and the discharge speed is fast.


EQ5252JBTCement Mixer Truck

Vehicle Model

EQ5252GJBT Cement Mixer

Overall Dimensions(mm)


Mixing Volume(L)




Gross Weight(kg)


Rated Loaded Weight(kg)


Curb Weight(kg)


Engine Model




Displacement standar

Euro 3

Oil Consumption(L/100km)


Maximum speed (km/h)


Cab Type

Flat head and single row with a sleeper can be flipped

Audio Configuration


Heating and Cooling System

Air Conditioning, warm air

Cold Boot Temperature Range

General condition:-10to55℃;special circumstances:-40to55

Transmission Gear

Shanxi Fast eight and nine Gear transmission

Oil tank capacity

Completed steel 350L

Tire Size

11.00-20, 11.00R20, 12.00-20, 12.00R20

Chassis Model


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